Chris & Shannon – Vancouver Engagement

Every day, I wake up feeling so lucky to be able to do something I love. This is especially true when I get to capture moments for people who are dear to me. Chris and I first met at Camp Goodtimes almost 20 years ago (yikes, does that make us old??). We’ve stayed in touch over the years and I was so delighted when he approached me earlier this year to photograph his wedding this summer. A couple of weeks ago, Chris and Shannon were in town from Vernon, so we took the opportunity to do some engagement photos. It was so much fun to meet Shannon and hear about their plans for the future. Here’s a little bit of what I captured that evening.

We started off in Gastown. I love the old lamp posts and brick sidewalks. There’s just something about it…



From there, we headed over the Stanley Park. We were hoping for a beautiful sunset, but it wasn’t looking like mother nature was going to cooperate with us, so we went with what we had, and just hoped the rain would hold off.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how much fun they are having here.


A beautiful view, even if the clouds meant no sunset!




Isn’t the ring gorgeous??


After we finished up at the lighthouse, we decided to head for home… but as we rounded the corner at the Tea House… there was a break in the clouds and a beautiful sunset starting. So we stopped and I’m so glad we did.


These last two images are my absolute favourite from our session. The silhouettes, the sky, the rocks out into the water. All were just perfect.



Chris and Shannon, thank you so much for spending the evening with me. I had a blast and I hope you did as well. I’m so looking forward to the wedding in a couple of months. It’ll be here before we know it! With gratitude, Katrina

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Christine & Gary – Langley Family Portraits

On a beautiful Sunday evening at the beginning of the month, I had the pleasure of photographing Christine and Gary, along with their two adorable girls, Ainsley and Georgina. The portraits were taken on their amazing property in Langley. I felt so lucky to have such a wonderful family to work with, in such a fantastic setting!


Love the way the girls played together. Ainsley was so patient with Georgina… even though all Georgina wanted to do was say “beep!”


Can you see the mischievousness hiding just below the surface in this? Love it!!


Ainsley was telling me all about her pony. It certainly made her eyes sparkle!


Christine and Gary also took the opportunity to get updated business portraits while they were all dressed up!



Christine and Gary, thank you for trusting me with your updated family portraits. It was a pleasure to meet you and spend some time with your wonderful girls! I hope you enjoy the portraits for a long time to come. With gratitude, Katrina.

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Happy Birthday Eric

Eric will likely be a little mortified that I’m writing this post, but it’s his birthday today and I wanted to take a moment to write about how much I appreciate him.

I took this photo last summer on our family camping trip. To me it optimizes everything that I love about him. We’re outdoors, making the most of our day. The girls are happy to be cuddling with him… well maybe it helps a little that he’s tickling them.


I’m grateful that we tackle this crazy world of parenting together. I’m grateful for his support in all my crazy adventures. I’m grateful that even when we get upset and fed up with each other, we always manage to find a way back. Happiest of days to you, Eric. I love you. xo me.

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Tehya’s Four and a Half

This is Tehya, my sweet, crazy, funny, loving, awesome youngest child. Last month she turned four and a half… and while I did the portraits on time, I’m only getting around to posting them now. There are many, many balls that I’m juggling right now and sometimes one or two of them get dropped…the blog being one of them!


This time, we did Tehya’s portraits outside in the playhouse Eric is building for the girls. Tehya was feeling particularly cheeky that day!


She was thrilled to get to sit in the window… as that’s not usually allowed!


This image just makes my heart happy. In fact, it’s printed as a black and white, sitting on my desk as I write this. These two are such wonderful friends. Every. Single. Day. I’m in awe of just how much love my heart holds for them, especially when they are being silly together!


A couple of days after I did the above portraits, Tehya had her hair cut. Rianne is amazing and she did an awesome job, just as she did two years ago when Tehya went short. This time she had 8 inches of hair to donate!



This cut went WAY SMOOTHER than last time and I actually managed to get some images while her hair was being cut! She’s still a wiggler, but she did way better 🙂



Checking herself out in the mirror…


She was “done” with being photographed when we got home that afternoon, so I don’t have any more photos from that day… but I have to say, Tehya is THRILLED to no longer have to sit still for me while I brush out tangles and I love her with short hair!

Tehya… every day, you tell me that you’re going to be five soon and you simply can’t wait to start kindergarten. I look forward to that day with mixed emotions. I’m looking forward to having uninterrupted time to work during the day, but I’m going to miss my daytime cuddles. You are such an amazing kid. You truly live life to its fullest. Always laughing or crying with every single ounce of your being. You wake up in the morning ready to go and you don’t stop for a moment… unless it’s for the occasional cuddle or story. I love listening to the stories you invent when you’re playing with lego or your stuffed animals. You have such a wonderful imagination. Thank you for being you. I can’t believe you’re almost 5! It’ll be here before I know it! Love mom.

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Pretty, pretty yarn…

As many of you know, I love to craft. I knit, sew, crochet, spin, and needle felt… just to name a few. So when I got to combine two of my favourite things… photography and yarn, I was in heaven! Over the weekend, I photographed 45 beautiful skeins of hand dyed yarn for my friend, Keryn, who owns Farm Fairy Fiber in Pitt Meadows. It was a tonne of fun 🙂

Keryn’s been dyeing for about a year now and I love so many of the colourways she has created in that time. I also love the names she’s come up with for the yarn and the colours. She currently has two different blends of sock yarn that she’s using, “Thanks for the Mutton” which is a blend of merino and nylon and “Totes MaGoats” a delicious blend of merino, cashmere and nylon! Two of my favourite names are “Dye of the Tiger” and “Chickabiddy.” I’m sure some of the yarn will be going back up in Keryn’s Etsy shop soon… but in the meantime, you can take a little peek at a few of the colours here… or better yet, if you’re local, come out to Pitt Meadows and see them in real life!!


Don’t you just want to squish it??


Happy Tuesday 🙂

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