Not Quite What I Had in Mind…

Sorry the blog’s been quiet this week, there’s been lots going on and if I’m really honest, I’ve been avoiding this post a little.

You see, last Friday, I was really excited to share that we were heading into our first family weekend of the year. The goal was that we were to concentrate on spending time with just the 4 of us, and possibly doing a few projects around the house. Everything seemed to be in place for a great weekend… Earlier in the week, we’d had GJ’s Tree services come out and take care of some of the debris that was left from taking out the beech tree in our backyard.



On Friday night, after the girls went to bed, Eric and I put together a list of a few things we wanted to do in the backyard on Saturday, then Sunday was reserved for going out to do something fun…

Saturday morning started out great with a leisurely cuddle in bed (the girls love to climb into our bed in the morning and spend a little time cuddling while they really wake up) and then it was pancakes for breakfast. After that, Eric took the girls outside to start work on a few projects that we wanted to get done back there… and this is where I really feel I failed. Instead of heading outside with them, I stayed inside to frame an order for a client. I needed to ship it that day and I hadn’t had time during the week to get it done. I had a few problems with the order, so it took a lot longer than I expected and I ended up spending most of the morning and early afternoon inside working… away from my family. 🙁 Then I went out to the post office, thinking I’d be gone for about 15 minutes… only to discover that the package was too big to ship with Canada Post, so onto a UPS store… only to discover the first location I went to was closed… so had to find another one. Long story, short, I was out for almost an hour and a half!

I do feel I redeemed myself a little on Saturday afternoon. When I got back from shipping my package, I picked Tehya up and we went shopping for new sheets and a comforter for her new bed. It had arrived just before I’d left to ship the package. So while we were out, Eric enlisted Ella and got her to help with putting the bed together. Tehya was SO EXCITED when we got home to have a big girl bed just like Ella’s. She’s still enthralled with her bed and I don’t think she’s ever slept the night through with her covers on before this week!

On Sunday, Eric and I had planned to take the girls for a drive out to Harrison Mills to check out the eagles. To go on an adventure and do something away from home. When we told the girls our plans, they both emphatically said no! They didn’t want to go for a drive. So we decided we’d head outside and get a few things done. That didn’t last long, as the girls got cold. Eric decided that with the girls inside, it would be a good time for him to go up on the roof and install some chimney caps. This was only suppose to take a short time… but things didn’t fit right and again long story short, it took a LOT longer than expected. So while Eric was outside working (and cursing a little!), the girls and I decided to do some painting. I pulled out some canvases that I’d bought last year, the idea was to paint some art of Tehya’s bedroom. We had a lot of fun and they got good and messy, but it was worth it to see the smiles on their faces when we were done. However, I felt a little sad, because Eric wasn’t able to spend the time with us.



Now that I’ve had a little time to digest the weekend, I’m grateful we each got to spend some special time with the girls. We did get a few projects checked off the exceedingly long to do list that we have for the house and overall, the girls had a good time. I’m sad that it wasn’t more time spent with all 4 of us together. I know we’ll keep working on this and I’m looking forward to our next weekend in February. I’m hopeful that it will be more like what I have envisioned in my head. Doing a little around the house with the girls, involving them with the garden plans and then going out and doing something fun and different. My biggest goal in all of this is to not let life become something that “passes” us by, that we actively direct it. So while this weekend wasn’t anywhere close to what I had in my head, I still deem it a success!

Happy Friday!

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