A Birth Story – Jen and Matt

Phew, what a couple of weeks it’s been for us. We’ve moved, started painting and unpacking and getting ready for Christmas. I’m amazed I’m still standing 🙂

Then last week, just a few days after our move, I had the honour of attending my first birth photography session. What an amazing experience. It’s taken me a little while to process the whole story and put words to my thoughts, but here it is… a birth story from my perspective.

Last Sunday, the 2nd, I got a call from Jessica (the doula) at 10:45pm that Jen was in labour, contractions were 3 minutes apart and a minute long. About two minutes before the call, I had said that I was tired and was going to bed. I guess it’s a good thing that I’m flexbile 🙂 I quickly got my things together and headed out the door 20 minutes later. I hadn’t driven more than a block when I got another call from Jessica saying that the midwife had just arrived and that she felt it was likely to be a little while. After a brief conversation, I decided to keep driving anyway. I knew from talking to Jen that her labours were relatively short with her first two babies and Tsawwassen is a bit of a drive from our new home in Pitt Meadows, so I figured it was better to be safe than sorry!

During my drive, the tiredness set in again, so I decided to stop at my parents place in Richmond and get an update. When I arrived just before Midnight, I texted Jessica to see how Jen was doing. If it was still looking like it would be a while, I was going to take a quick nap. The response I got was that there had been a change of plans and that Jen was headed to Richmond Hospital, so me being in Richmond was perfect! Jessica said she’d be in touch when they arrived. Just after 1 am, Jessica let me know that they were just getting settled into a room and she’d be in touch again soon. At 1:35, I got another message saying that it was looking like a potential cesarean. I sent a message back and when I hadn’t gotten a response 10 minutes later, I decided to head out to the hospital. I arrived just before 2 and as I was paying for parking, Jessica called to say that they had just wheeled Jen into the OR. I was a little disappointed to be missing the birth, but I headed up to their room to wait and document what I could. Jessica filled me in on some of the details of what had happened as we waited. A short time later a nurse came in looking for supplies and made a comment that Jen hadn’t had a cesarean after all before rushing out of the room again. We smiled at each other, knowing that this would make Jen a little bit happier!

Where it was all suppose to happen…

The time when I arrived.

Matt came in around 2:30 to introduce us to wee little Scarlett, who had been born at 2:10 am on December 3rd. He’s one proud daddy!

Letting us know she’s not to impressed with us 🙂

At around 3, we were given permission to come and see Jen in the OR recovery room. She’s completely in love 🙂

So happy I could share in this special time.

Time to be weighed and measured…

6.97 lbs

A quick check from Alex, the midwife.

20 inches long

Happy to be back with mom!

Such a sweet, sweet little face.

And no post would be complete without feet 😉

Matt and Jen, thank you so much for allowing me to share in such a special moment in your lives. I’m sure life with three little ones is keeping you busy but I hope you’re savouring all the little moments and catching sleep when you can. Scarlett is beautiful and I’m sure her brothers love her to pieces! Congratulations!!!

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