A Birth Story – Verena and Dan

Late Sunday night, I was so honoured to be a part of welcoming a new life into this world. The story didn’t unfold exactly as mom and dad had planned, but that’s the way life is sometimes. Unpredictable, full of surprises but also beautiful and amazing. This is their story, as seen through my eyes. I hope you enjoy.

On Sunday morning, I received a text from Verena to give me a heads up that her water had broken the day before. She was still waiting for labour to kick in, and had an acupuncture appointment scheduled for later in the day, to try to get things started naturally. We touched base a couple of times during the day, but no progress. I got another text just before 9 pm, to say that she was headed to Richmond Hospital for a potential C-section. I hopped into the car and was on my way.

When I arrived at about 9:30 pm, I wasn’t surprised to find Verena smiling and laughing, taking the changes in stride. She has an incredible spirit and it shines through in everything she does.


Turns out, baby had a surprise for mom and dad… he was breech. When their midwife Jane, had come to do a check on Sunday night, she discovered that he wasn’t head down like they thought. They were sent to the hospital to have an ultra sound to confirm, and then head in for a C-section. One of the things Verena joked about, was being able to see Dan look so “doctorly” in scrubs!


I was lucky enough to be given permission to head into the OR again, and so appreciate the ability to document this part of the process for Verena and Dan.


Verena has incredible blue eyes. They are what struck me most about this image. That and the peace that seems to shine from them.


Smiling as baby is almost here.


10:39pm… and it’s a boy!


His little feet curled up waiting for them to cut the cord.


A quick check…


Skin to skin cuddles with mom! The smile on Verena’s face says it all.




Back for a few more checks…


To be measured…


And weighed…


Before a little skin to skin time with dad, while the doctors finished taking care of mom.


Time for his first diaper.


Then back to mom for his first feed.




Verena taking a few moments to close her eyes and rest.


Sharing the news with the parents… didn’t want to risk calling, as it was close to midnight by now.


Amazing how a little touch can express so much love.


And same with a look.


Bundled up and ready for the ride back to their room.




Getting Verena all settled into a new space…


Then a few more cuddles with her new little guy.


A beautiful addition to their family. I’m sure big brother will be thrilled!


The love they all share is pretty incredible.



Welcome to the world sweet Jacob. I know you’ve joined a family filled with love, laughter and joy. They are so thrilled that you’ve arrived safely and that you’re healthy!


Verena and Dan, thank you for your trust in me to document this beautiful moment in time for you. I know that things didn’t go according to plan, but you accepted it all in stride, with grace and love. Few people can do this so quickly and it speaks to the incredible people that you are. As we were in recovery, I listened to you both express your gratitude for the amazing team of people that helped bring Jacob into this world, which again, speaks to your ability to see beyond the circumstances and find the silver lining. I was so honoured to share all that time with you. I trust that you are enjoying your time together, building on the bonds of love that are evident in all that you do. Jacob is beautiful and I look forward to more snuggles with him soon. With gratitude, Katrina.

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