A few random thoughts…

My mind is filled with random thoughts today. Thoughts about Halloween and the fact that my sister thinks I’m “no fun” because I don’t plan to get Ella and Tehya dressed up. That Christmas is less than two months away and that my “to-do” list that never seems to get any shorter, so how am I ever going to be ready? That I have a pile of paperwork that I need to complete before month end. Thoughts about friends and family that are no longer with us but that I so desperately wish they were. Thoughts about how lucky I am to have two beautiful daughters who are healthy and happy.

Ella is always looking out for Tehya and making sure she’s okay. This makes me smile.

However, there is one thought that keeps coming up and it’s what a friend said to me the other day, “You must be one of those supermoms. I can’t believe that you’re already back to work and managing two kids, when I can’t seem to do it with one.” The thing is, I think every mom is a supermom. You’ve given of yourself in pregnancy, in labour and in life. Once your precious bundle is here, you spend hours each day feeding, burping & diapering your baby. You worry about whether or not you’re a good mom and that you’re doing the right thing. You give up sleep and time for yourself. If you’re at all like me, you worry a little about “getting your body back.” As they grow, new experiences lead to new worries. For me, I try to quell all these worries by reminding myself that loving my children and doing the best I can each day is truly wonderful.

Oh and one more thing. Whatever you celebrate during the holiday season and whether or not you get professional photographs taken. Whether you send out cards or an email. Just be sure to get a photograph of your whole family together. We’ll be doing some in November with both Eric’s family and mine. It may be a small thing but your kids will thank you when they are older 🙂

P.S. Here’s the latest card design! Have a wonderful weekend.

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