A “Greener” Christmas

There’s so much talk these days about “going green” and “climate change.” I honestly don’t know what to think or who to believe, but I do like to do things that are better for the environment to minimize my impact. I also think that Christmas is a great time to make some changes!

My mom started this tradition in our family years ago… long before it was the “in” thing to do. She got tired of the wasted wrapping paper, so she started using pieces of fabric to wrap the gifts. She would use string to tie them up and volia… reusable gift wrap! You can get all sorts of funky fabrics and it’s easy to put a simple edge on them. Here’s a snapshot of some of my fabrics. If my stock is dwindling, I usually wait until Boxing Day sales and pick up the fabric at 50% off.

Make edible gifts

In general, we live in a very abundant society. You can have pretty much anything you want and a lot of people have too much “stuff.” About 10 years ago, I stopped buying gifts for my friends and started making cookies. I make several different varieties and then put a little tin together. While it doesn’t help the waistline, it does eliminate the waste of getting something that you already have or don’t need at Christmas time.

Some of the yummy shortbread I made this weekend. (Eric would be mortified that I’m using such a basic photograph of food!)

Gift Certificates

Consider gift certificates for something like photography (I know, it’s a shameless plug for our December Special!) or perhaps a night school class that your friend or family member would really like to take. It allows them the ability to get long term enjoyment from your gift.

Have a craft day

My friends and I have decided that instead of getting more gifts for the kids, starting next year (all our kids are still a little young), we’re going to get together and do something. It may be baking cookies or making crafts or building gingerbread houses. It really doesn’t matter what you do, we’ve just decided that it’s more important to spend time together creating memories than rushing around the mall trying to find the latest, greatest gift!

Sorry…I rambled on a little, but I hope this gives you a few ideas. If you have more ideas, please feel free to post a comment, so that everyone can benefit!

Keep smiling 😀

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