A Mini Break…

I love being able to sneak away for mini breaks. On Friday afternoon, we hopped a ferry and headed over to Salt Spring Island to visit some of Eric’s family. I’d been hoping we could make it over for quite some time and was really wanting to check out the “famous” Salt Spring Island Saturday market. Friday night was spent sitting on the deck, admiring the ocean view and enjoying an amazing dinner! (Thanks Michelle). The girls learned to walk on top of hedges, saw lots of birds and went to sleep with giant smiles on their faces. Saturday morning was a slow, leisurely breakfast on the deck, while we watched clouds roll in and out, occasionally sprinkling rain on us. Eric and I headed to the market with Tehya (which was insanely busy, so we didn’t pull the camera out at all!), while Ella stayed behind to play in the garden. We didn’t linger at the market long, but grabbed some fixings for lunch before heading back. We stopped at a lovely fiber studio and a winery on the way, and decided that a studio tour may be more our speed for a future visit. After our lunch, we took a wander down to the beach and enjoyed watching the kids throw rocks in the water. Then it was time to head up, pack and dash off to catch a ferry home for our early morning session on Sunday. We left feeling so very lucky to live in such an amazing part of the world and very grateful for family willing to have us for a visit. Thank you Pat, Bob and Michelle!

Ella taking a few tentative steps by herself.


Tehya wasn’t so sure about this hedge walking idea and quickly hopped down. The stain on the shirt… courtesy of some fresh blackberries. She first decided that they weren’t very yummy, but then when they were served with ice cream, it was decided that they were delicious 🙂


The next morning, she was almost running across the tops!


One of the many birds we spent time watching, I think he’s a Western Tanager.


Thinks this is a pretty amazing photograph that Eric captured of a Black-Headed Grosbeak.


One of my favourite images from the weekend. I’m completely fascinated with hummingbirds and am so happy to have a few images of them now!


But I also love this one of our friendly guard Quail!


My little independent one, exploring the island roads 🙂


Bob enjoys the photography just as much as we do!


Walking up the hill from the beach…


All in all a pretty fantastic 24 ish hours 🙂

Happy Monday!

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