A Pitt Meadows Christmas

I can hardly believe that Christmas is only 13 days away… and I’m so not ready. I haven’t done any baking yet, I’m still surrounded by boxes that need to be unpacked and I have yet to put up a tree or decorate the house. It’s true that this could be due to the fact that we moved just two weeks ago and somehow, in our infinite wisdom, decided that it would be a good idea to paint right away too! Nothing like trying to make a space your own 🙂 (That and I didn’t think I could live with the current colours for very long!)

So on Friday night, we decided to take a little break and enjoy A Pitt Meadows Christmas. We arrived a little late but I couldn’t help feel like I was in a small town somewhere. Everyone was so friendly and there were lots of displays and fun for the kids.

The highlight for the kids (well, Ella really… Tehya was just wondering why we thought it was a good idea to put her on a stranger’s lap!) was to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. Ella told him that she would like a yellow elephant for Christmas… 13 days left… hmmm.

Eric’s photograph. Shot on what he calls “Happy Mode.” That’s the setting with the green happy face, useful when you’ve got a cup of coffee in one hand and mittens on!

Happy Wednesday!

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