A Special Elf

I finally got around to taking down our Christmas tree last night. With all the sickies in the house, I just haven’t had the time nor the energy! (I have been lucky so far and seem to be relatively healthy, just tired.)

One of the things I love about decorating and then un-decorating the tree is looking at all the ornaments. Remembering where or who they came from. Like the ornaments that Eric and I bought for our first Christmas together or the ones we’ve picked up on our travels. It always brings a smile to my face. There were two this year, that were particularly special and a pretty great story to go with them too.

The elf on the left with a T on it was made by my grandma. The elf on the right with an E on it, was made by my mom, using my grandma’s stash of parts. So now the story…my mom was over on Vancouver Island visiting my aunt recently. My aunt came across the elf made by my grandma, and said that because it had a T on it, it should go to Tehya. My mom brought it home with her and decided that each of her grandkids would also get an elf, so she set to work and created the other ones. What makes these even more special to me, is I have one, given to me as a child by my grandma, with a K on it. I love the fact that even though my grandma is no longer with us, a small piece of her is being passed onto my kids.

Happy Monday!

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