A Year of Potential

Yesterday afternoon, Eric and I sat down with the girls to write some goals/dreams/things we want to do in the coming year. I don’t like to call them resolutions, because all too often resolutions are not truly incorporated into your daily living. They are not things that you truly want, so after a month or two, they disappear from your daily life, only to reappear this time next year. For me, goals and dreams, are things that you want so deeply, that you’re willing to make sacrifices to make them happen. It was interesting to do this exercise with the girls for the first time. Ella wrote out 5 things that she wanted to do in the coming year, and has some really good things on her list. Tehya, on the other hand, doesn’t really get the concept, so her list is wanting to colour more 🙂 I’m really glad we included them this year and I’m looking forward to seeing their lists develop over the next few years.

Then, after the girls were asleep, this is what the evening looked like for Eric and I. A cozy fire, my little jar of happiness and a glass of wine each.


This is the second jar that I’ve done and I really love the concept. Each year, I’ve learned something new from doing it. The first year, I learned that it was really important to fill in more details, instead of just “recording” something. I also learned that it was easy to forget to fill out my daily note. This past year, I only missed writting on 12 days, which I think is pretty good… but I also noticed that some days it was like I was “forcing” myself to come up with something to write. In the past, I’ve always written my note at the end of the day, as I’m crawling into bed, so this year, I’m going to try and write things down as they happen. So if the girls do or say something that makes me laugh, I’ll write it down at that moment. I think it’ll help make the notes more interesting to read next time… and hopefully help to set the memories into my mind a little more!

My pile of notes.


Eric asked me last night what I plan to do with all of them. It’s pretty simple. One of my goals for this year is to get all our family photo albums up to date. So, as I’m working on those albums, when there’s a note that I think fits into the page, I’m going to photograph it and add it. Once I’m up to date, I’m planning to recycle my notes 🙂

So my jar is set for the coming year. My list of goals/dreams is done. The year is new and so full of potential. I’m looking forward to it and hope you are too 🙂

Happy 2015, may the year be filled with love, laughter and friendship… and may all your dreams become reality!

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