Hi, I’m Katrina. I graduated from photography school in 1996. Having been a professional photographer since then, I’ve found that it has made my recent experience as a mom even richer. I feel so lucky to have a great collection of images that showcase my two daughters as they’ve grown, documenting their changing features and personality. This is the gift I wish to share with you. I want to create amazing portraits of your kids and your family so that you too have a wonderful collection of images documenting the changes in your family!

This is Eric. He’s my husband, my right hand and does a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that makes my job easier and your images better. He teaches photography at Langara College, so he’s the “technical” one. We’re a great team because he allows me to concentrate 100% on you, capturing emotion, expression and the essence of who your kids are, while he looks after some of the other details. He’s a great dad and creates great connections with the kids we photograph.

Here he is “hard at work” on one of our recent sessions.

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