Adventures with Dad

On Saturday afternoon, the car packed to the gills, Ella and Eric set out on an overnight camping trip. Eric had been itching to get back into the outdoors, and taking Ella with him provided them with a great bit of bonding time. It also meant some quality time for Tehya and I at home.

We’d been planning the trip for a while, and with the busy summer we had, this was the first available weekend that we could make it happen. Ella’s been excited about it for days and Saturday morning, she was literally running up and down the length of our bed, telling me all the things that she’d get to do with her daddy on their camp-out adventure! She made sure to reinforce in me the notion that Tehya and I couldn’t come, because daddy’s tent only fits two people! 🙂 Weeks before the trip, Ella had asked Eric to bring a camera for her, so that they could both take photographs. The night before, as Eric was packing up gear, he kept checking with Ella if she needed anything extra, like a tripod. She just kept repeating that she just needed a camera.

When they arrived home yesterday afternoon, Ella could barely contain her excitement as she showed me the images that she captured. I was pretty impressed to see the world through her eyes. She produced some pretty creative images! Here are a few of my favourites.

Exploring the dock while daddy cooks dinner.


I don’t know what I find so compelling about this image, other than the fact that I likely never would have noticed it.


She’s certainly become more and more adventurous as she’s gotten older. She came back with some pretty bruised up knees to show for it too!


What she saw on her adventure…


Eric spent most of his time photographing her being a photographer 🙂


Not sure how she managed to capture the ripple, but it’s beautiful.


Her first attempt at a portrait… not perfect, but I love the effect 🙂


I’m so glad that we just let her explore with the camera. Eric said he was most impressed by how careful she was with it. She’d put the wrist strap on as soon as she picked it up and made sure to put it away safely when she was done. I think we’ll even print one or two of the images and put them up in her room. A little reminder to her of her first adventure with daddy.

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