Ahhhh…. Bubbles

Last night, I was going through and editing some of our personal images and I came across a series that we did a couple of weeks ago. It was a beautiful day, perfect for blowing some bubbles 🙂

There was much giggling and fun being had… in between intense moments of concentration when they were actually catching the bubbles!





Love that you can see the spray from a just popped bubble.



Of course, after a while, you just need to tackle your sister…


Good thing, she thinks it’s funny!


LOVE this smile so much. She’s so full of mischief!



Love that you can see Ella’s hand just popping the left side of the bubble. Perfect timing!


After a hard day of playing with bubbles, you just gotta relax!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that you enjoy Father’s Day on Sunday. I know these little ones will be celebrating their dad 🙂

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