Ahhhh…. Silence

About a month ago, our smoke detector started beeping for no apparent reason. It would be the middle of the day and no one would be anywhere near the kitchen and it would start. At first, it was every couple of days that it would do this, and you’d hit cancel and get on with your day. Then, last week the frequency increased and it started to do it every 12 hours… and then a few days ago, it increased again to every 4 hours.

Our smoke detector is hard wired to our alarm system, so Eric called the company to find out what we could do. We were told to clean it with a vacuum cleaner, which helped for a day. If that didn’t work, we were told to replace the lead acid battery that is attached to the control panel. It took us a couple of days to find one. This seemed to help for about an hour… and then it went right back to beeping and the frequency increased to every 2 hours or so. We decided to try replacing the whole smoke detector unit… and last night, blissful silence.

Hard to believe this little thing was the cause of our issues!

system sensor 2wta-b i3 series smoke detector, 2-wire, 135 fixe

It’s funny, you don’t often recognize how much something is causing stress until it’s gone. The frustration of disrupted sleep, and needing to get out of bed to hit the cancel button to stop the beeping was definitely getting to me. I think I would have paid just about anything to make the beeping stop! The irony of the whole thing… despite weeks of sleeping through the night… last night, Tehya fell out of bed, and woke up crying… and Ella woke up with a nightmare… ahh the joys 🙂

Happy Friday. I hope you have an AMAZING long weekend. Oh… and if you’re a fan of our Facebook page, be sure to check out our Fan Appreciation contest. It ends on Monday at 8pm 🙂

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