Amy Stewart Art!

A couple of weeks ago, Eric took the girls to the Island to visit his family and do a little bit of photography work. It was a great weekend for him to go, as I was busy with karate events, so I wouldn’t be around much 🙂 Just before he left, a friend of ours posted that she was looking for a photographer on the Island. I commented that Eric would be there over the weekend and to let us know if she didn’t find anyone. Amy immediately sent me an email and through a few back and forth discussions, we arranged for Eric to photograph her paintings… although, at the time, we didn’t know that she was the painter! She’d told us it was for a friend of hers 🙂

When Eric got back after the weekend, and he showed me the images that he’d captured for Amy, I was blown away. The paintings are stunning! I kept saying to Eric as I was flipping through the images that I want that one and that one and that one. It made me wish for a WAY bigger house, just so that I had more wall space!

Amy, I hope you know how incredibly talented you are! Thank you for allowing us to photograph your work, it was an honour! I also can’t wait until the piece we got is here 🙂

There were so many beautiful pieces, but here are a few!


Eric loves this one!


So excited for this beautiful piece to be hanging on a wall in our house soon!


If you want to check out more of Amy’s work and stay informed as to what she’s up to, you can check out her Facebook Page here!

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