And The Winners are…

WOW and WOW…there are not enough word in the English language to say a proper thank you to everyone who made this contest a huge success. Those of you who were brave enough to submit your funniest or worst family/kid photograph – THANK YOU for sharing. For those of you who took the time to vote, THANK YOU, you helped make the last 10 days so much fun. I LOVED reading some of the comments that were posted… some were almost as funny as the photos themselves. For those of you who helped spread the word about the contest by sharing for your friends – THANK YOU! We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

I spent much of yesterday glued to my computer, checking to see who would come out on top! I couldn’t believe it when we ended up with a three way race to the Grand Prize! So much fun and so exciting!!!

Without further ado…the winners are:

Grand Prize: Corinna Werdal…she started out yesterday morning in third place and yet somehow managed to get enough votes to win! And win by over 60 votes! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Her photo was this one:

2nd Place: Theresa Gallant…started out the morning in first place and was back and forth between second and third most of the day, after Corinna had taken the lead! Hope you had fun 🙂

Her photo was this one:

3rd Place: Jennie Nilsson…she led this contest for most of the last ten days and I have to admit, simply for being so brave in the photo that she posted, I was hoping she’d win the Grand Prize. I think all moms can relate to her photograph and actually putting it out in public is pretty amazing. I hope you still had fun!

Her photo was this one:

4th Place: Alisha Singh…one of the cutest photos I’ve seen and a reminder to all moms to hide the stickers when you’re not in the room 🙂

Her photo was this one:

And the winners of our random draws from the “likes” are:

1 – Tara Fuller
2 – Matt Morris
3 – Laura Foreman

Thanks to random.org for making the selection of our random winners so easy!

We’ve had so much fun hosting this contest. It’s truly exceeded my wildest expectations. We may just need to run another one later this year! Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Would you like to see us run another contest? If yes, what would you like to see us give away as prizes? Post a comment below with your feedback, send us an email to katrina@kalemphoto.com or post it on our facebook fan page wall! Look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend 🙂

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