Apple Basket Display :)

As silly as it may sound, I love to see my work up on walls. To me, photography is something that is used to capture moments and to help you relive those moments every time you look at the image. It’s as powerful as a well written novel in it’s ability to transport you away from today.

When we did some images of Brianne and the Apple Basket Yarn and Supplies shop, I asked if we could put some of our work up on her walls. Brianne was excited to have something up, as her walls were still a little bare and we were excited to get our work out for people to see! Yesterday, I delivered the final two pieces that we’re putting up right now… maybe there will be more to come…

Some of you may remember this photo of our sweet little Tehya at 2 weeks old. It’s very fitting in a yarn shop, don’t you think?


These two pieces, we custom created for the space. I made the shapes out of scraps of yarn, photographed them, had Eric do a little work in Photoshop and voila, art for your walls 🙂

apple 1

Also, Brianne has extended her birthday sale until this coming Saturday. So come in, check out the shop and draw for your discount at the till. You have a chance to get anywhere between 10-50% off your entire purchase!

Happy Wednesday!

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