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As a lot of you know, I love to knit and crochet. I’ve been doing both on and off since I was about 7! (Yikes, that’s almost 30 years!!) When we bought our house in Pitt Meadows, I was very excited to see a sign out on the road, close to our home for a little yarn shop. It took a couple of months before I actually had time to go in and poke around… and it’s lovely!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in and was chatting with Brianne, the owner. We were talking about business and being self employed. We talked about the ups and downs and the scary parts of business. The days when you’re not sure if you’re going to make it, followed by the days when you’re so happy to be doing something you love. When I asked how Apple Basket came to be, Brianne’s face lit up. It was such a great story, that I decided to share it with all of you!

After being a stay at home mom for a number of years, Brianne decided that it was time to go back to work. She got a job at Fields around Christmas and a couple of months later, they announced that they were closing the store… so she was back to not having a job! Feeling a little frustrated by having to do the job hunt again, she was out for coffee with a friend and mentioned that she’d really love to open her own yarn shop one day. Her friend said, “So why don’t you?” The idea took hold and she mentioned it to her husband, who also encouraged her… so here we are! In just over a week, Apple Basket Yarn and Supplies will be turning one and Brianne has a fantastic month planned for you 🙂

Starting now, she’s doing daily auctions over at her Facebook Page. If you visit her in store, you’ll find the clearance section at 60% off and you may even visit on a day where she’s doing a random giveaway or a spot light sale! She’s also planned a great birthday party for July 6th, with a draw for a $50 gift certificate and “pick your discount” basket, so hope you’ll be able to come out and celebrate!

This is the lovely Brianne, in her awesome little shop!


So much yarn… so little time!





When I was in the shop to take these photographs, Brianne shared with me the story about this adorable little bear. They are knit by a man named Gregory Patrick. He is a man who knit his way off the streets and found solace in this peaceful pastime. You can check out his blog here.


What I love most about this little shop is it feels like I’m walking into someone’s living room. The store just invites you to sit and stay a while. Brianne has a knitter’s night on Thursdays and I keep meaning to make it out… and one day I will!

Oh… and just because I love to hear stories about where a shop’s name came from, I asked Brianne about Apple Basket… she said that choosing a name was the hardest part of opening the store. Her daughter liked “Mama’s Yarn Bin”, but apparently that’s a little too generic. So one night, Brianne was sitting there looking at the apple baskets that she used to store her yarn and said, “What about ‘Apple Basket’?” and that’s the name that was approved by the registry!

I hope you’ll head over and visit Brianne, either online on her Facebook page or in person at the shop, you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Wednesday!

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