The last couple of days in this house have been a little rough. Both Ella and Tehya have had low grade fevers and nasty coughs. It makes me want to cry listening to them coughing and struggling to breathe. Despite it all, they’ve both been in pretty good moods. Lots of smiles and Ella even decided that a game of hide and seek was in order for about half an hour yesterday. (Her idea of hiding is laying down on the floor in plain site, covering her face and giggling like crazy! Although, I will give her credit, she’ll close the door to whichever room she’s “hiding” in! It’s ridiculously cute.)

Yesterday, when she wasn’t vegged in front of a movie or “hiding” from me, she was colouring. Have to say, the huge pack of crayons that I bought years ago has definitely come in handy. She’s so patient and will literally spend hours colouring. It’s awesome.

An Ella original 🙂

Keep Smiling!

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