Asking for Help

A while back, I shared with you that we were going to be making some big changes to our website and our business… I’d given myself a deadline of May 31, 2012. Obviously this hasn’t happened. I stalled. I procrastinated. I was stuck in the fear of moving outside my comfort zone.

One of my stalling points was in choosing images to put into a gallery. Eric and I had both been through them so many times, all we could see were things we’d like to change. We needed a fresh set of eyes. So when a friend posted that she was looking for some casual work, we were excited. She’s a grad from the Langara photo-imaging program, is super sweet and has a great name… Tehya! She’s been living in Germany for almost two years and is home for a stretch. It was fun to introduce the two Tehya’s!

And yes, this means that changes are coming soon.

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