Backgrounds and Why they matter

As professionals, when we photograph kids, we have a lot of little tricks up our sleeves to create amazing images. Today, we’ll share one with you 🙂 One of our biggest tips is all about controlling the background. Often times, when we are taking snapshots of our friends and family, we only think about the people and their expressions – not what’s happening behind them. This will sometimes lead to things like tree branches growing out of the top of someone’s head! It’s a simple matter of glancing into the 4 corners of your frame to see what’s around your subject.

There are a number of ways that you can also control the background. DSLR users can use depth of field or a telephoto lens to blur the background. You can shift your subject to a clean wall or even just move something out of the frame that is cluttering the background. You can also crop in tight, so it’s just a close up of the face. No matter what you do, cleaning up your background will definitely help you produce better images!

Here’s a quick sample of some of some backgrounds.

A nice natural background that doesn’t compete with the beautiful family.

A clean white background, great for adding text.

This is using depth of field to get those trees a little blurry so that the expression shines through.

With this photograph we stood on a bench to make sure the water was behind our family’s heads. I wish I was just a little bit taller, to really get the full effect.

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