Before I Know it…

Yesterday, I registered Ella for Kindergarten. As I lay in bed with her last night, listening to her talk incessantly because she was trying desperately to keep herself awake, this phrase popped into my head. Before I know it…


Before I know it… she’ll be too big to want to cuddle with me.


Before I know it… she’ll think spending time with her friends is far better than spending time with me.


Before I know it… she won’t tolerate me grabbing her for giant tickle hugs.


Before I know it… she’ll be all grown up.


Ella was officially 4 and a half at the beginning of December and both Eric and I had to work hard to get something good and I’m sorry we haven’t shared it before now! I think we tried on three or four different occasions to get something we were happy with, never walking away from a “session” feeling like we got something fantastic. (In hindsight, we did okay!) Ella is getting to the point that she’s had enough of being in front of my camera. It’s increasingly hard to get an image of her, especially one where she’s actually looking at the camera and smiling. She has her own opinions on things and isn’t afraid to let us know what they are. She’s quick to laugh and quick to hug and I really hope that both of these traits stay with her as we enter the school system.

I know, I know, I’m getting ahead of myself. School doesn’t start until September. I still have 7+ months… but I know that this time will pass by so very quickly. I know that each day, I need to take a moment to breathe in the little things. To pause from my to do lists and mountains of laundry and piles of work… and just play. Because, before I know it, this time will be gone and I’ll never be able to get it back… and these “things” are the very things that make life special.

And it’s why I’m also really looking forward to this weekend. This is our first “family” weekend of the year. Each month, I’ve designated a weekend that is just for the four of us. No friends, no sessions, no work. Time to sleep in if we want. Time to do things around the house (like plant some trees in our backyard!). Time to play and build memories. Time that is meant for our girls to be the center of our world. Time to just be. Here’s hoping that it will slow down the, “before I know it’s”, just a little!

Happy Thursday!

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