Being Grateful… No Matter What

My parents are currently out of town, so I’m managing their business for them. It’s meant a pretty crazy week so far… and then this morning, on my commute in, I had some extra thinking time. I arrived at the station at 5:45, so that I could be on the first train at 5:54, but it had broken down. They thought that it would mean that we’d be on the second train that leaves half an hour later… but the first train was on the tracks and it took the second train some time to get hooked up to it, so that they could push the first train along… long story short, I didn’t get on a train until 6:59. It meant I was going to be in Richmond a LOT later than I had planned and that I’d likely be late to open up the office. I felt like crying. I hate to be late. I hate to feel like I’ve let someone down. It was not a great way to start the morning… but as I was standing there, a little cold, a little tired and a little frustrated, I tried to remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for.

I’m healthy… I have two amazing kids that have taken the changes to their schedule this week in stride… I have an incredibly supportive husband… I get to sleep in a warm bed every night… I have food in my fridge, and therefore on my plate… I have enough…

These are just a few of the things that I came up with while I waited. Then, as I finally boarded the train, with the other passengers that I had been waiting with for the past hour and a bit, I was grateful to get a seat on the very full train. I spent the next 45 minute ride, knitting and reminding myself just how lucky I am. You see, life truly is all in how you look at it. So today, I’m choosing to be grateful, no matter what.


Happy Thursday!

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