Being Un-Plugged

This weekend, we went up to a friend’s place on the Sunshine Coast. It was a great weekend, very relaxing and lots of fun for the kids. Next to the great company, Eric and I agree that the best part of the weekend was being unplugged. No internet. No Facebook. No email.

What it meant was that we were completely present when playing with the kids and not thinking about something else that we had to deal with. It meant connecting and talking to actual people, instead of scrolling through the news feed on Facebook.

On Saturday, while everyone else went for a walk through the forest, I got to sit and knit while Tehya had a nap. Then it was lunch and a trip down to the beach. Sunday was spent painting rocks and playing. It was perfect.

So on the drive home, we’ve decided that we’re going to pick at least one weekend a month to un-plug. Turn off the computers, not check our email and just generally enjoy some time disconnected from the world around us.

Happy Monday!

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