Best Bed Head EVER!

When we were expecting Ella, we converted our office into her bedroom. We decided to keep the futon and simply pull out the mattress to the living room when we had company. It’s worked really well and has been a great “home” for reading books. This weekend, after her bedtime stories, Ella decided that she wanted to “sleep right here”. So I looked at Eric, shrugged and said okay. We pulled out the futon, made it as safe as possible and Ella happily went to sleep. She’s slept there the last two night and after her nap yesterday woke up with the best bed head I have ever seen.

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some “bed head inducing” sleeps 🙂 (We had a great weekend, including a session that almost got cancelled due to a quick hail storm! Crazy!! There won’t be any sneak peeks loaded from this session until May… gotta keep the images a secret, as they are a gift for the parents 40th wedding anniversary!)

Hope you’re staying dry on this very wet Monday!

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