Better Late Than Never!

It would seem that my new moto for the year will be “All in due Time” or maybe more appropriate, “Better Late than Never!”

I have always considered myself to be a patient person, but lately I’ve been finding that I’m pretty frustrated with myself. Things are taking too long. There never seems to be enough time. I’m sure it’s due in no small part to the fact that I’m someone who tends to take on a LOT at one time. In reviewing my list of dreams for 2012, I was surprised and a little saddened to see how many things I wasn’t able to complete. It made me re-examine my dreams for 2013 and I’ve definitely simplified it. The move to our new home was a HUGE part of the struggle to check things off the list, it has been a far bigger task to accomplish than I ever imagined it would be. It also meant that there were a few things that I cherish doing that didn’t happen on time, hence the learning to let go and say, “Better Late than Never!”

As I’ve mentioned several times before, when Eric and I first had Ella, we decided that we would photograph our children once a month for the first year and then every six months after that. (Let me clarify, by photograph, I mean pull out the lights and take actual portraits… not just the every day documentary snap shots that are also cherished!) Every once in a while, this would happen a couple of days or even a week “later than it should”. Never before have I been this late…

Ella turned three and a half on December 6th. We had moved just 8 days before that and were still trying to get our bearings, unpack, paint and somehow gear up for Christmas. We knew that we wanted the portraits to reflect the move in some way, we’d thought maybe at a local park or in front of the house. On the 8th, we were heading out for a session in Vancouver and it was an absolutely gorgeous day! As we were crossing the Pitt River bridge, Eric looked over at the Dyke trails, saw the mountains in the background and he figured it would be the PERFECT spot for a sunset session that afternoon. Then our session ran a little late, so by the time we got home, we’d lost the light 🙁 And then the winter rains set in… and then it was Christmas… and then there was still unpacking/organizing to do… the list of excuses is rather long!

We finally managed to find time to do these portraits on December 30th… and I’m finally getting around to sharing them now (all in due time!)

It was a gorgeous day… we were tired of trying to figure out where to put things, so we bundled the kids up and went on an adventure. We started off by heading over to the Dyke…

Ella is such a wonderful big sister… as soon as we got onto the path, she immediately took Tehya’s hand, so that they could walk together.

_KLM6767 2

We walked for a little while, but didn’t love the background as much as we thought we would, so we decided to go somewhere else. Despite not loving the location, this is one of my favourite images from the day!


Our next stop was Pitt Lake. It was clear, crisp and perfectly photogenic 🙂

I swear, sometimes, she dances and moves to the music in her head… and sometimes she sings along, out loud!


Showing Daddy her precious rock. We came home with a bag full of them!


Still singing… and dancing…


Ella, there are no words that adequately describe just how much I love you. You are a kind, gentle, sweet little girl whose personality shines in everything you do. I will never tire of hearing your little voice tell me that you love me “back to the moon!” or watch you give Tehya hugs and kisses when she’s crying or run to the door when daddy gets home from work to say hi. I hope you continue to live your life with a smile, a laugh and that you never worry about singing out loud 😀 Love, mom.


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