Birch Tree Wellness Centre – Bobbleheads

On Saturday, we spent a few hours at the Grand Opening of the Birch Tree Family Wellness Centre in Ladner. Simply put, it’s a great place with great people. It was started by Jane, one of the incredible midwives that supported us through the pregnancy and delivery of both our girls. She is AMAZING! Her hope is to create a place that will serve the families of her community in many different areas. Currently, they are offering midwifery care, counselling services, a nutritionist, a Craniosacral Therapist and pre-natal classes. Jane – thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you. I wish you a very successful year ahead and many more to come!

In total, Eric and I created 17 bobble heads for those who came through the door and wanted one. It was a lot of fun! As I didn’t think to ask permission to post them all to the blog (Tehya had me up very late, so I will blame this omission on a sleep deprived “mommy” brain!)… the only ones you’ll be able to laugh at are mine and Eric’s!

Happy Monday 🙂

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