Q: What is Birth Photography?
A: Birth is beautiful, chaotic, busy, peaceful, magical and full of surprises. It is often a whirlwind of activity and moments can easily be lost. Memories fade over time, but having a professional photographer there to capture all the ins and outs, makes for a very special gift. Birth is something that only ever happens once. Yes, you may have more than one child, but each birth is unique. It will never happen exactly the same way again – but you can make sure you have those memories forever.


Q: What is the Photographer’s role during labour and delivery?
A: My role is to remain in the background, documenting events and emotions as they unfold, without intruding on the intimacy of your birth. I will not be in your face or in the way of hospital staff or your midwife. It is important for everyone to feel calm and at peace during this process, and I will do my part to contribute to this atmosphere.

Birth is always unpredictable and the lighting may not always be ideal. As flash will not be used in low lighting situations, my images may be a little grainier than my normal portrait work. I believe that this adds to the feel of the images. I will get some images of everyone looking at the camera after the baby is born, but this is not the focus of a birth session. It is to record the beauty of these moments in a very candid way.

Q: Why should you hire a Birth Photographer?
A: Having me there to document your labour and delivery, will leave your partner and birth support free to do just that, support you during the labour. You won’t have to worry about making sure the moments just after birth are recorded (being weighed or measured) or that you don’t have support when you need it the most. Having me there, who’s sole purpose is to record the events, means that everyone else can concentrate on their jobs!


Q: Will my private areas be shown in any images you showcase in your portfolio or blog?
A: Absolutely not! Any images that show any private areas, will be kept as such – PRIVATE! When we meet to discuss your wishes for what you would like/not like to have photographed, you can let me know if you’d prefer that I avoid taking photographs of these areas all together. I will do my best to accommodate this request, but due to the nature of the session and occasionally limited space for me to stand in, it may not always be possible.

Q: What if I decide to have a home birth?
A: I’m comfortable being a part of your birth, whether it’s in hospital or at home. It is important that you mention my involvement in your birth with your health care provider as soon as you’ve decided to book with me. Most doctors and midwives are comfortable with my presence, but it’s important that they are aware of it before hand.


Q: What if I need to have a C-section?
A: If you are having a planned Cesarean birth, please discuss my presence with your doctor as soon as possible. Not all doctors will allow me to enter the operating room. If you need an emergency cesarean, I will most likely not be allowed to be involved. This does not mean that the experience won’t be the same, as I’ll still be able to capture the same moments before and after the surgery.

Q: When should we book you?
A: Please book me as soon as you’ve decided you would like me to be involved.

Q: How many birth sessions do you book?
A: I only accept a limited number of births, between 4 to 6 per year. I also only accept one birth per month. For example, if you’re due on February 12th, I will only accept your birth for the month of February.


Q: When do you show up and how long do you stay?
A: Please phone or text me (or have someone do it for you) when you think your labour has started. This gives me advance warning and allows for me to make arrangements for childcare. Once active labour has started (usually around 5cm dilated) or you’re being admitted to the hospital, please let me know and I will join you and stay for up to an hour following the delivery. If I am not contacted for the birth, I am unfortunately not able to refund your deposit, as I have reserved this month strictly for your birth. If for some reason, I am not able to attend your birth, your deposit will be refunded or you can apply the deposit to a newborn session.


Q: When will my images be ready?
A: With your permission, I will write a blog post with some images for you to share with friends and family within 48 hours of your birth. Your disc of images will be ready within 2-3 weeks. These images are lightly retouched.

Q: When do we pay you?
A: A deposit of $350 is required to secure your birth month. Balance is due at 37 weeks.