Butterflies and Rain

As a photographer, living in Vancouver, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with rain. I love it for keeping the grass green and the landscape “fresh”. I hate it because I sometimes have to reschedule outdoor sessions or move indoors because of it. It’s frustrating, and leads to crazy ideas of how to “control weather” to my advantage.

A long time ago, I started making “deals with the butterflies in Japan”. The first time I said this to Eric, he just looked at me strange, but didn’t question me. After a couple of months of amazing “luck” with weather, my little theory came up again and I tried my best to explain it.

As a kid, my dad was full of “UFI”… the polite way of saying this is Useless Information. His knowledge was vast and he loved to share. One of the things he would bring up from time to time was the weather chaos theory. The part that always stuck in my head was “if a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Japan, it affects our weather here.”

So leading up to a day when I know I have sessions outdoors, I check the weather forecast and then if it’s not looking promising, I start “asking for favours” from the butterflies. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s whatever works, right?

So this weekend, we had a few sessions lined up in Victoria on Sunday. When I’d checked the forecast on Wednesday… 70% chance of rain for Sunday. On Thursday it was 80% and on Friday it was up to 90%. I started thinking about back up plans, especially when we’re heading out to a friend’s place for dinner on Saturday night, and the rain was POURING down. Driving home and it’s still raining, I start to doubt that my pleas have been heard. Just before bed, I decided to check the forecast again and it’s calling for a mix of sun and cloud, with the rain to start up again around 8pm. I’m hopeful.

The next morning, I look outside to “perfect” photography weather, do a little happy dance and send a huge thank you to my butterflies.

See… gorgeous light… even if expression leaves something to be desired 🙂

Happy Monday!

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