Cake Adventures

Yesterday, I asked Ella if she would like to make something for her dad for Valentine’s Day. She enthusiastically told me that she’d like to make him a cake. This is the story…

Tehya woke up just as we were getting started, so naturally, she wanted to help too!


The stool just wasn’t cutting it, so we got her a chair 🙂


Waiting for the creations to come out of the oven…


But watching cakes is boring, so why not read on the kitchen floor?


Icing is done 🙂


The end results… words as dictated by Ella!


Looks easy right? Well this is how they actually “helped” 🙂

Would love to know what your partner did for you yesterday! I hope you’ll share in the comment section below.

And speaking of partners and love stories, Thank you to everyone who entered our contest with Prenatal to Parenting. Congratulations to our winner, Verena Baxter!

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