Can’t believe I’m saying this…

Last week’s tip was which camera to use. This week’s tip, and I can’t believe I’m saying it, is don’t take a camera at all.

There are times when travelling or when hanging out with your kids that it’s just better to leave the camera at home. Here are two examples.

Traveling. Many years ago I traveled to Africa. I took a case full of camera gear and always had it with me so I’ve got some amazing photographs from the trip. There is a little village on the southern coast of Africa called Port St. Johns. On the first morning after arriving, I took my camera for a walk and captured a few images, but nothing really fantastic. I was an outsider looking to make photographs. That same afternoon I walked the streets without my camera, and the images I was able to capture in my mind were amazing. The locals came alive, they talked with me, they shared their experiences and one kid even wanted to touch me despite being totally afraid (He’d never seen a white guy with a hairy chest). Some of the most amazing memories from three months in Africa come from simply not having a camera.

Kids. As any parent can attest to, sometimes you just need to put the camera down and play. I’m sure most of you have fond memories of time spent with your parents when you were kids. I can guarantee that nowhere in any of those memories are your parents hiding behind a camera taking photographs of those moments. Sometimes it’s best if the moments are simply remembered by the people that shared that time together!

(sorry no images today…we were too busy playing!)

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