Celebrating Our Sweet Tehya

On Tuesday, we had a busy day… not only was it Ella’s first day of Kindergarten, it was also Tehya’s third birthday. Talk about not knowing where the time has gone!!! It was actually pretty funny to listen to the girls on Tuesday morning, trying to decide whose day was more special. First day of Kindergarten… or having a birthday. In the end, I managed to convince them that it was a special day for both of them 🙂

On Saturday, we gathered our families together to celebrate. I was SO grateful for the amazing weather we had, as it’s much easier to entertain 21 people outside, than inside!

Just a few of us sitting down for dinner!


Tehya opted for a ladybug cake, with very strict instructions that she wanted a PINK ladybug with NO black! What do you think?


She could hardly wait to blow out the candles!


Just enjoying the company…


After dinner and cake, it was time for presents. It warmed my heart to watch Tehya open her gifts. Each one was met with genuine excitement, followed by hugs to the givers and then a little bit of playing with each gift. One of the many reasons I love her to bits!





On Tuesday, after we’d dropped Ella at school, I took Tehya for a little walk in the woods. I was attempting to do her three year portraits… but I think we’ll have to try again, as I got very few that I truly love.

On a mission to find “fairies”!


That morning, we had to stop by the store to pick up Ella some indoor shoes… and since they were having a buy one, get the second pair half price, I figured I’d get a new pair for Tehya as well. These are the ones she chose.


She is definitely my little imp 🙂


After Eric got home from work on Tuesday night, Tehya opened up presents from Ella and from us.


Who knew that donuts could be so exciting!


Trying on the sweater I made for her…


A little on the big side… but that just means she’ll be able to wear it for longer, right?


My dear sweet Tehya, you are growing up to be such an amazing little girl. You show so much love and compassion to those around you, at times I find it astonishing. You make us all laugh on a regular basis with your silliness. I love the way you hug with your whole entire being. I love the way you cuddle at night before bed. I love the fact that you rarely walk anywhere… you almost always run. There are so many more things I love about you, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be your willingness to keep trying. No matter how hard something may seem, if you’re determined you’re going to figure it out, you keep working at it until you do. Like I said, you’re a truly amazing little girl. Love you to the moon and back. Love, mom.

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