Celebrating Tehya!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Tehya’s first birthday. There was family, cake and lots of laughter. Tehya loved every minute of the day… even when she was so tired that she started to cry because her fingers were sticky from icing! It was a day that re-inforced in me how much I love my family. A day that reminded me how lucky we are. A day to celebrate all the little and big milestones from the past year.

The cake… I had so much fun making this one 🙂

A little sleepy…

But still smiling!

She’s been furniture walking for a while and there have been a few wobbly steps taken on her own. I’m sure that given another couple of weeks, we’ll have a runner on our hands!

For the most part, she didn’t really understand presents… but she still had fun.

My heart is so full of gratitude and love. We have two amazing, healthy, happy kids who continue to flourish every single day. What more could you ask for?

Happy Monday 🙂

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