As I sit to write this, my world feels incredibly chaotic. There are boxes everywhere. Most are packed and ready to go. Some are half way finished… and some not even started yet. I walk through the house with a mild sense of melancholy. It looks so bizarre with everything off the walls and the closets mostly empty. It no longer feels like home.

Add to the mix, two sick kids and orders to complete and send out in time for Christmas, and I almost want to cry. Almost. In my heart of hearts, I know that the important stuff will all get done. That in a couple of weeks, when we are settled and have room to breathe, that this will all have been worth it. That over the next couple of months, we’ll have time to create memories and slowly, this new house will become our home. That the kids will no longer feel out of sorts with the chaos that surrounds them. That soon enough, we’ll be wrapped up in the joy of the holiday season. That I will somehow figure out how to get my Christmas baking done, while still unpacking and painting the house 🙂

So my question to you, how do you find peace when the world around you is in chaos? I’d love to hear!

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