Cheerios, bananas and yogurt

There is a comfort to be found in the consistancy of routine. Every morning when Ella wakes up, we have a quick cuddle in her rocking chair. (Best part of my morning!!) This lasts anywhere from 2 seconds to a few minutes… all depends on her mood that morning 🙂 Then she sits up and says “eat”. After which she proceeds to tell me what she wants to eat that morning. It’s always, “Cheerios”, “Nana”, “yogurt” and “water.” When I confirm her order, I also ask her if she wants some oatmeal to which she always replies “Ya, Okay!”

I’m not sure how she packs it all away, but this is usually what she eats in the morning! (Don’t worry, I do cook her oatmeal! It just doesn’t look so appealing to photograph once cooked!)

All prepped and ready for breakfast to start!

I LOVE my mornings with Ella and wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Happy Friday!

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