Cheryl and Mike – North Vancouver Engagement

Love: A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Or at least that’s what the dictionary says…

To me, I see love in so many forms. I see it in a sideways glance when you think no one is looking. It’s in the ability to laugh with each other and have fun together. It’s the ability to see past differences. It’s in the desire to share a life with each other. It’s in little gestures and shared secrets.

This is the kind of love that Cheryl and Mike have. They laugh together, they have fun together and they are happy to just BE together. On Saturday, we had a chance to be a part of this love and I’m so honoured.

Cheryl and Mike, Thank you. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for sharing your afternoon with us. Thank you for being amazing. We can’t wait to spend the day with you in August to document the start of your journey together as husband and wife. In the meantime, we hope you love these!

A beautiful spot for a “family” photo. Lucy was so well behaved and loved being out for a second walk in one day!


They both have a passion for Hockey and play in a rec league together. It’s a good thing that the fact they love different NHL teams doesn’t get in the way of their love for each other 🙂


One of my favourite images from the day…


…but this is a close second.


Eric had a little fun in Photoshop with this one, but I love how it turned out!


Happy Wednesday!!

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