Cheryl – Waiting for Baby – Maternity Portraits

Some of you may remember this beautiful mom-to-be from her wedding last year. I was very excited to learn at Christmas time that they were expecting a wee one this coming summer… and even more excited when Cheryl asked me about capturing her at this moment in time. We met in studio just over a week ago, and we had so much fun!

Some adorable baby booties… for her daughter 🙂


These next two images are likely my favourites from the session. I love being able to play with lights to highlight such a beautiful shape!



We even took a moment to head outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we’ve been having!


Cheryl, as always, thank you for your trust. It’s always an honour to be chosen to record these special moments in your life for you. I’m so looking forward to meeting your wee one next month sometime and seeing your new home! So much is happening for you in the next month, and I know it will all work out beautifully. I hope you’re able to take a little time, put your feet up and enjoy these last few moments before your family grows.

Happy Monday!

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