Child’s Play Casting Call

While the blog has been pretty quiet over the last couple of months, behind the scenes has been anything but. We’ve been busy brainstorming ideas of what we want to focus our attention on and what our passions are. It’s been fun talking about it… now it’s time to start doing something about it!

A couple of years ago, we launched our Child’s Play Collection. From that we created this image, which remains one of my all time favourites.


Since that time, we’ve gotten busy with other projects and haven’t really promoted this collection. We’ve also found that it has been challenging to promote, as people aren’t sure what we can create. So we’ve decided to host a casting call to create a few more images that we can use to promote this collection.

The line of images is all about tying in with what the parents are most passionate about. In the image above, Bryan’s parents met while rock climbing, so having an image of their 8 month old rock climbing is pretty awesome!

We are specifically looking for these ideas:

1 – A gymnast. Ideal age is 2-4.
2 – A painter. Ideal age is 6-10 months.
3 – An extreme mountain biker. Ideal age is 1-5.

We are also open to proposals. Send us an email telling us what you’re truly passionate about and we’ll see if we can make it work. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Now for the fine print!

The casting call is open until March 31st, 2015, so be sure to get in touch soon! Compensation will be discussed with each individual. We are open to doing sessions throughout the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island.

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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