Chocolate Pie

On Saturday, we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and did some long overdue family photos. It was a bit of a task to get everyone looking at the camera… none of the kids really wanted to cooperate, the wind was blowing but the light was gorgeous. So while the image isn’t perfect, it is a perfect representation of who we all are at this moment in time, and for that I’m grateful!


For dinner, I was in charge of dessert, so I made apple pie (my favourite!) and pumpkin pie (Eric’s favourite). Ella helped me make the pies, so when I had a little left over pastry, I asked her what we should do with it. Her response, “Let’s make chocolate pie!” Since we were running a little behind schedule, I told her that we would do this on Sunday and put the pastry in the fridge.

As I was getting dinner ready yesterday, Ella said, “Mama, is it time to make Chocolate pie yet?” So we rolled out the pastry, cut it into four small pieces, wrapped it around a piece of Hersey’s chocolate bar and stuck it in the oven. The end result was this:


I know what you’re thinking, as Eric and I both thought the same thing… but despite how they look, they were quite tasty. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this particular chocolate didn’t melt when we baked it, it became a little crispy!

As we wind up a wonderful long weekend, I am reminded of how truly lucky I am. I’m lucky to have Ella who thinks of making something like chocolate pie. I’m lucky to have Tehya, who never ceases to make me laugh. I’m lucky to have Eric, who’s spent a lot of his weekend working on our new shed and playhouse, often times entertaining the girls while he does it, so I can get some work done inside.


Truly so much to be Thankful for. Oh, and if you missed it on Friday, I wrote a longer post about the things I’m thankful for. Be sure to read it, and leave a comment about what you’re thankful for, to be entered for a chance to win a wonderful surprise gift! Your entry must be in by 10pm tonight!

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