Christmas Memories

One of my favourite things to do at Christmas time is to decorate the tree. I love pulling out the ornaments, remembering where they came from and finding them a home on the tree. This year, it was a lot of fun, because Ella is so fascinated by the tree. When we first put it up, she walked up to it several times, wrinkled up her nose, smelled it and then would turn away laughing because it tickled her nose. Once the lights went up, she simply wanted to sit in her chair and stare at them. It’s really, really cute. Her new favourite words are lights, Santa and Frosty!

Ella, smelling the tree.

Our litte Charlie Brown Tree!

A few of my favourite ornaments….

This one is from my childhood.

The first ornament that Eric and I bought together 😀

A Snowflake… hopefully the only one we see at Christmas time! (except in the mountains!)

The icicles that I bought this year at the Christmas market…I LOVE them!!

And what photographer’s tree would be complete without a camera?

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