Cloud Gazing

Yesterday afternoon, we headed outside to soak up some vitamin D and the girls had a great time throwing around the ball and playing in the dirt. (The best part of having a backyard… I kept going inside to work for a little bit and would poke my head out every 10-15 minutes!) At one point, I popped outside to see Ella and Tehya lying in the grass checking out the clouds. I quickly ran to get my camera but the moment was lost. Tehya had seen me and was heading to find me by the time I got back outside. It’s a moment that I’ve written up and put into my gratitude jar.

It’s funny, as a photographer, people are always saying to me, “You must have tonnes of photos of your kids.” The reality is that I don’t. I miss moments, just like you do. I don’t often carry my camera around when I’m not working… and when I do it’s usually my “point and shoot”, so it never gives me what I really want. That and I still have an aversion to photographing non-stop. I spent a large part of my career photographing in film. This meant every press of the button cost money. In film, in developing, in prints. It’s made me the type of photographer that prefers to wait and really see a moment. One that prefers to enjoy the moments with my kids rather than grab my camera all the time, but mostly one who really values the images that I do capture.

I may not have gotten both of them, but I did get Ella! (And yes, picking leaves is perfectly acceptable to do whilst cloud watching 🙂 )


Happy Friday!

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