Conquering a Fear

When Ella was about 18 months old, I was making bread one day, when she toddled into the kitchen. In our condo, we had granite counter tops, which would often cause the bread not to rise properly because they were too cold. One day, I’d discovered that if I turned our microwave/convection oven on, it heated up the counter top and made perfect conditions for making bread. What I didn’t realize, was that, unlike a stove, the microwave did not have tempered glass on the front and got very hot. Long story short, Ella got burned on her hand, forehead and tip of her nose when she pressed her face up to the glass. It was a moment that made me feel like the worst mom in the world and I haven’t been able to bring myself to make bread since then.

Ella is now almost 5 and she’s helped my mom make bread a few times and has been asking me to make it with her. So on Friday, I decided that it was time to conquer my fear… and the three of us, Ella, Tehya and I made bread.


The girls were given small pieces of dough, and they shaped a dozen buns… which I have to say turned out pretty amazing.


It may seem like a small thing for most people, but it felt so good to get over my fear. The other plus… we had a great time and the girls have been asking to do it again. Looks like we have something else we can do together 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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