Contest Entries are in, let the Voting begin!!

WOW! 22 entries into our contest. I’m THRILLED (and sincerely hoping that the problems we had receiving email, didn’t cause someone to miss out on entering!)

So here’s how the next phase of the contest will work.

The gallery is now posted on our Facebook Fan Page.
When you “like” a photo, that is considered a vote. (Because of the way facebook works, you must first “like” our fan page to “like” a photo)
Encourage your friends to vote…get their friends to vote. You get the idea… tell everyone to vote for your image!
The image with the most “likes” at 11pm on April 28th wins.
Winner will be announced on April 29th at 9am!

*In the event that there is a tie. We will extend voting for those images until 11pm on May 1st, with the winner being announced on May 2nd at 9am.

Want a peek at the images, here they are!

Good luck to all our contestants!

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