Cool Dude!

When we first ventured outside in Whistler on Friday morning, the first thing Ella said to us was “too bright” and buried her head in my shoulder. So on our way to the gondola, we stopped at the pharmacy. All the sunglasses were too big, but Ella fell in love with a purple pair. Once she saw them in the mirror, she said “cool dude” and refused to take them off. Once we bought them, I figured that they would last all of about 30 seconds before she took them off. Quite the opposite. She refused to take them off, all day. That’s the funny thing about kids. They constantly surprise you. They make you smile. They can make you appreciate something as simple as a pair of sunglasses!

A very Happy Wednesday to everyone (especially given the Canucks win last night!)

p.s. We’re down to the last couple of days for voting in our contest. In case you missed it on the fan page yesterday, I’ll also be giving out 3 – $100 gift certificates randomly to those of you who have “liked” an image. So be sure to cast your vote!

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