Culture of Fondness

Earlier this month, I read this great post by Sarah at Prenatal to Parenting.

She talks about the words we use and how they affect the people we love the most. I agree that we are often so critical of those we are closest to. We think that it helps to improve them, but in reality, it adds to feelings of insecurity and often damages self-esteem. The challenge is to consciously choose to thank and appreciate your kids, spouse, brothers, sisters, parents… whoever you are spending time with. I try to do this already but will be stepping up my efforts for the month of July. It also ties in well with the book that I mentioned yesterday! The challenge starts on Sunday, will you be joining in too?

You can check out more details on their Facebook group here. Have a same and happy (hopefully sunny!) long weekend!

A little sisterly love… because it just makes a post brighter!

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