Yesterday morning, Eric and I had a mentoring call with Gregory Daniel. He is an amazing portrait artist in Florida¬†and very knowledgeable about our industry. When I first got off the call, I wanted to hang up my camera and walk away from the business. The suggestions were daunting. It felt overwhelming and I wasn’t even sure where to begin. It probably didn’t help that Tehya hadn’t slept well and I was pretty tired. I was also suffering from a major case of “comfort zone fear”.

After feeling sad for about an hour, I started making lists. Lists help me sort things. Put my priorities into place. Figure out where to start. My mom has always told me that the only way to eat an elephant is by taking it one bite at a time. I have given myself a deadline of May 31, 2012 to implement some of the changes that I’ve decided to make. Some will be small, some will be big but all will push me outside my comfort zone.

p.s. If you have any thoughts about what you love about our blog/website/brand and what you don’t love, I’d really appreciate hearing from you. My business wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for my amazing friends, family and clients.

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