Easter Fun

The thing I love most about Holidays, be it Easter or Halloween or Christmas, is seeing how it’s always the little things that make my girls giggle with excitement.

Easter this year, was especially fun, as they both seem to be getting an idea about what Holidays are all about. Ella woke up and one of the first things she asked was if she could check to see if anything was different in the Living Room and to see if the Easter Bunny had come. We told her she had to wait for Tehya. The instant Tehya woke up, Ella was into her room and was telling Tehya that they needed to check to see if the Easter Bunny had come. They could barely contain their excitement and were giggling the whole time.

Ella’s basket…


Hunting for eggs 🙂 I’ve had these bunny glasses since last year and they both put them on, then looked at each other and instantly started laughing. So very cute!


Counting up their stash…


The Easter Eggs that I made for them.


Their newly painted toes with their new nail polish 🙂



Upside down giggles


Easter dessert… and yes, they do taste as good as they look!


And Eric’s favourite shot of the day…


Hope you all enjoyed some lovely family time this weekend and that the Easter Bunny was good to all of you.

Happy Tuesday!

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