Ella, Braids and Silver Linings

I like to look for the silver lining in absolutely everything. Sometimes it’s hard to find. For instance, when I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. This was after a week of trying to keep Tehya away from the nasty cold that Ella had. Friday night, was there to remind me that I had failed miserably. I spent most of the night awake, trying to comfort Tehya with her stuffy nose. Which leads us back to me feeling like I’d been hit by a truck on Saturday morning… I did not want to get out of bed. My head hurt. My eyes burned. There was a small part of me that wanted to cry. A little while after I’d dragged myself out of bed, cancelled plans and opted for a pajama day, I was playing with Ella’s hair. I asked her if I could braid it. Amazingly, she said yes. (She usually yells at me when I even attempt to brush it in the morning!) Not gonna lie, I was excited. So here’s my silver lining. Ella let me braid her hair and she looked so cute. Then she agreed to it again on Sunday morning (a silver lining to another morning of feeling like I’d been hit by a truck and cancelled plans!). So maybe this will become a regular thing… braiding hair… one can hope, right?

Just a little excited that she sat still for this!

Love her soooo much!

Happy Monday!

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