Ella’s 4 Years Old – Portraits at the Beach

There are times when I feel like the most disorganized mom ever. Ella turned 4 on June 6th, and this past weekend, I finally found some time to do her 4 year old portraits. There was always an excuse, a reason to delay and when we were away, there was no excuse strong enough to put it off any longer 🙂 It helped that Ella was excited to have them done and she decided that she’d like to wear a dress. So after she picked out her clothes and sat for me to do her hair, off we went to capture some photographs of my big girl!

I’ve been eyeing up this location for portraits for a long time, and I’m so glad I finally got to use it. I can’t believe she’s 4!


And still so silly sweet!


This is Eric’s favourite photo from the ones I captured. I kinda love it too.


Eric decided that he wanted to “play” with these last two photos a little. So he used a couple of the actions that he’s created for our Etsy shop.


And then she was done and wanted to go down to the beach and play in the sand.


Feeling so incredibly lucky to have the amazing family that I have. I am blessed.

Happy Wednesday!

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