Ella’s 5!

On Friday, Ella turned 5. There’s a part of me that’s still a little bit in shock that she’s 5… and she’s definitely growing up!

Friday, was a day to celebrate. We started out with opening presents in our pj’s. I think she was pretty excited with the lego that Tehya picked out.


Ella had been planning her birthday outfit for days… but she made a few changes at the last minute. She added the headband that Eric had made for her as a present… and the yellow bracelet that we had made by Shawna at Caliope’s Fibre.

She just makes my heart melt with her sweetness!


Love the way the tree frames her on our front steps!


Then it was off to see Rianne at Moz Hair Studio. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to all the ladies at the studio for how well they treated Ella.


For those of you who’s been following the blog for a while, you may remember me posting a story about our good friend Ann and her cancer diagnosis. Well, a couple of months ago, Ann was staying with us for a few days, and she was at the point in her treatment where her head was really itchy and her hair was falling out, so she asked me to shave it. Later that night, Ella was full of questions about Ann shaving her head. I mentioned to her, that if she wanted to, she could donate her hair and it could make a wig for someone who’d lost their hair. Ella decided that this was a great idea and talked about it non-stop. We decided that the perfect time to do this would be on her birthday, and it would be a special date with just her and I.


There was a moment, just after the ponytail came off, that Ella’s face fell. I was certain tears were coming… but Rianne stepped in and started talking to her and telling her how cute she looked and how brave she was… and that sadness was quickly replaced with a great big grin and giggles.


I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU, Rianne and all the amazing women at the salon that made my little girl feel special. I so appreciate it!


Our date wouldn’t have been complete without a special lunch out 🙂


When we got home, we decided that a few more portraits were in order, as she looks so very different!

We, of course, had to get a photo with her ponytail! She took off 12 inches!! That’s a LOT of hair!


And she wanted to show off the matching dresses I made for her and her doll, Lulu.


She just makes my heart happy!



After dinner, she requested a trip to the park to play… and since it was a little chilly, she decided that she needed to go back to wearing her headband, since it matched the shrug that I’d knit for her birthday! (Oh… and the yellow yarn is my own hand spun yarn… it’s the first time I’ve knit with my hand spun and I’m so excited with how it turned out!!)



Time to head home 🙂 Love these two little ones with all my heart!


Then on Saturday, we had our family over to celebrate. I love that she can be so excited with the simplest of gifts.



A dress…


A horse back riding lesson from her auntie 🙂


Then there’s the cake… and let me tell you, there were a few tears to be had by me when I was making this cake! You see, Ella was reading the story of Sleeping Beauty one night with Ann… who suggested that the cake that was made by the fairies to celebrate Aurora’s 16th birthday would be a good birthday cake for her to have… and Ella agreed… with a few minor changes. It had to be yellow instead of blue, with blue “ribbons” instead of pink and pink “flowers” instead of green ones. It looked simple enough, so I agreed… well, it turned out not to be as simple as I thought… and as I started to stack the cake, the weight started to squish the bottom layer. After much frustration, I managed to fix a few of the small things… but it was never to be straight again. My mom told me, that I should just tell everyone that it was an Alice in Wonderland cake and was meant to look that way… but I knew Ella wouldn’t let me away with that one 🙂


However, I have to say… Ella’s reaction to the cake made me feel so much better.




She even said to me on Sunday afternoon as she was having a piece of leftover cake, “Mommy, thank you for making my cake exactly as I wanted it!” It just goes to show you that perfection is in the eyes of the beholder!

To my dear sweet Ella, there aren’t enough words to describe how simply amazing I think you are. I love how kind and patient you are with Tehya, you are a truly awesome big sister! I love how thoughtful you are in so many little ways… like sharing some of your presents with Tehya, because she didn’t have any or seeming to know exactly what someone needs to hear to make them feel better. I love how brave you were to cut all your hair off and donate it. I love that when we were out on our lunch date, you hopped down from your seat, walked over to me and gave me a hug and kiss to say thank you for lunch. I love the fact that you still like to have cuddles, whether it’s at bedtime or when you first wake up… and sometimes in the middle of the day, just because! Each day, you are growing and changing and getting a little bit closer to being 100% independent. This both excites and scares me. My hope as you continue to grow, is that I’ve taught you to trust yourself enough that you’ll make good decisions… or at least be able to learn from your mistakes when you make a “bad” one! I hope that you will find something that you LOVE to do. That you won’t be scared to try new things or test your boundaries or explore. That you will follow your dreams with passion and that you will remain as kind as you are today. I hope you’ll always know how much you are loved. Thank you for being the kind, sweet, amazing little girl that you are. Love you so much!! Love, mom.

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